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To date, the WCCOG Brownfields program has conducted environmental assessments of 26 properties.  Our work has smoothed the way for property transactions, promoted site redevelopment, and improved understanding and management of environmental risk.   See Stories 
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9/28/17  Underground Tank Assessment at Milbridge Theater
The WCCOG Brownfields program funded the removal and assessment of an underground fuel tank at the Milbridge Theater site.  The 500-gallon fuel oil tank was discovered by volunteers working on the property and was used to store heating oil for the old theater.  The tank was removed in a few hours and was hauled off the property for recycling.
8/18/17  AST Removal Complete at O'Neill's Garage
Three oil and asphalt storage tanks were successfully removed from the O'Neill's Garage site in Baring.  The tanks were once part of an asphalt batch plant that operated on a portion of the site.  Removal of the tanks will help promote reuse of the site which is located in a high visibility area on Route 1, just outside Calais.
6/16/17  Strong Turnout for Columbian Cleanyup Celebration in Lubec
Over one-hundred people attended the cookout to celebrate the cleanup of the Columbian Factory site in Lubec on June 16.  The event marked the completion of the EPA-funded cleanup, led by WCCOG.  The event was attended by WCCOG, cleanup team members from Amec Foster Wheeler and Sunkaze Project Solutions, the Lubec Historical Society, townofficials, and representatives of Senator Susan Collin's office.  The event also honored Mrs. Gerry Green, the first president of the Lubec Historical Society.
4/14/17  WCCOG's Judy East to present at EPA Brownfields Conference
In collaboration with Todd Coffin of Amec Foster Wheeler, Judy East will moderate a workshop titled "Are your Hands Dirty Yet? Engagement through Volunteerism."  The workshop is part of the EPA National Brownfields Training Conference to be held in Pittsburgh, PA, December 5-7, 2017.
3/1/17  Judy East Speaks at Leadership Institute
Judy East, Executive Director of WCCOG, provided an overview of the WCCOG Brownfields program to the 2017 class of the Washington County Leadaership Institute.  The meeting was held at the Pembroke Town office, and catered by the Pie Ladies Bakery.  Both the town office and bakery are located in former Brownfields sites supported by WCCOG Brownfields services.  For more information on the leadership institute:
1/19/17  MaineDOT Supports Schoppees Garage Site Improvements
The Maine Department of Transportation is funding improvements to the Schoppee's Garage site in Jonesboro under a Small Harbor Improvement Grant of $52,000.  The funds will be used for improving access to the Chandler River, turn-out parking, interpretive signage and picnic facilities.  The construction work is expected to begin during the summer of 2017.
12/23/16  Columbian Factory Cleanup on Facebook!
The Columbian Factory cleanup has been in high gear since late October 2016 and is expected to be largely complete by the New Year.  Please visit facebook for a chronology of this transformational cleanup project: Columbian Factory Cleanup
11/30/16  WCCOG Brownields Program Continues Support of Columbian Factory Cleanup
Since 2010, the WCCOG Brownfields program has provided technical support for cleanup of a dilapidated, pollutated cannery site in Lubec.  Most recently, WCCOG assisted with development of final plans for site cleanup and redevelopment.  As the project nears completion, WCCOG will provide future support for community outreach and regulatory closure. 
10/11/16  Amec Foster Wheeler Selected as QEP
WCCOG announces the selection of Portland-based Amec Foster Wheeler as the Brownfields program Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP).  With teaming partner Woodard & Curran, Amec Foster Wheeler will assist WCCOG with Brownfields site inventory, assessment and reuse planning.  Work on the new Brownfields assessment grant is expected in November 2016.
5/20/16 WCCOG Brownields Program Awarded New $400,000 Grant
On May 20, the US Environmental Protection Agency Announced the award of over $7 million to assess and cleanup Brownfields sites in Maine.  The funding included as $400,000 grant to the WCCOG for assessment of Brownfields sites potentially impacted by petroleum and hazardous materials.  The grant marks the 4th round of assessment funds awarded to the WCCOG Brownfields program. 
3/11/16  WCCOG Lends Support to Columbian Factory Cleanup in Lubec
WCCOG continues to support the ongoing cleanup of the former Columbian Factory in Lubec with administrative and technical support.  Judy East, WCCOG Executive Director and Brownfields Program Coordinator,is assisting John Sutherland, Lubec Town Administrator, with management of the small town's first ever Brownfields grant.  WCCOG will also support the project with community outreach, public meeting coordination and planning expertise.  In May 2015, Lubec was awarded a $400,000 EPA Brownfields grant for environmental remediation of the former cannery located at 135 Main Street near Lubec's village.  Project Documents can be found:  Lubec Cleanup Documents
3/4/16  Maine DEP Issues Certificate of Closure for Schopee's Garage
WCCOG is pleased to announce official closure of the Schoppee's Garage cleanup project.  On March 4, Maine DEP issued a Committioner's Certificate of Closure, marking approval of the cleanup action undertaken.  WCCOG, the Town of Jonesboro and the Northern Maine Development Commission collaborated to provide administration, funding and technical support for remediation of the former gas station.  Additional improvements to the site, incuiding river access and parking, will be undertaken with funding recently awarded by the Maine Department of Transportation.
2/15/16  WCCOG underway with Phase I ESA at Milbridge Theater
WCCOG is completing an environmental site assessment (ESA) to support a community effort to restore community stage, cinema and performing arts to Milbridge.  The restoration effort is led by Gateway: Milbridge, which seeks to launch the project at the site of the former Milbridge Theater.  The ESA,including investgiation of lead-based paint and asbestos, will help assure the restoration is conducted safely and in compliance with environmental regulations.
12/9/15  WCCOG and WCDA Complete Cleanup at Former Base
WCCOG and the Washington County Development Authority (WCDA) announce completion of cleanup at the former navy base Boiler Room at the Cutler Business Park.  With Brownfields funding from the the Maine Department of Economics and Community Development and EPA, asbestos contamination was removed to make way for an indoor road salt storage facility - a win for the environment and Cutler's community.
9/2/15 Washington County Featured on EPA Brownfields Marketplace
The WCCOG Brownfields Program is promoting redeveloment of three sites on the EPA Brownfields Marketplace.  Part of the national EPA Brownfields Conference, the Marketplace includes listings of properties prime for redevelopment. 
8/6/15  WCCOG Brownfields Program Hosts Seminar
The WCCOG Brownfields Program redcently hosted a Brownfields seminar at the 68th Annual aine Property Tax School held in Belfast on August 6.  The seminar featured presentations by WCCOG, Maine DEP, Woodard & Curran, and the law firm, Preti Flaherty.  The session closed with a walking tour of Brownfields properties along the Belfast Waterfront.  For presentation information click:  Presentations
6/1/15 WCCOG and Pembroke Celebrate New Town Office
The WCCOG Brownfields Program partnered with theTown of Pembroke to celebrate the opening of the new Pembroke town office.  The ribbon cutting was help on May 29, and featured a ribbon cutting ceremony, public BBQ, raffle prizes, and tours of the new building. 
Underground tank removal
in Milbridge.
Cleanup of asphalt in Baring.
Columbian Factory Cleanup proclamation by Senator Collins delegation in Lubec.